About Us

Suryaimport.com is an online service to buy or import products from China directly from factory, manufacturer and supplier(Ie.alibaba.com) and other major online shopping sites and branded products delivered in all 14 zones of Nepal to save all profit margin from retailer. The company takes all responsibility to buy products from China and delivered the products directly to customer to save money of customers by removing the middle men of wholesaler, distributor and retailer.

Suryaimport.com is covered by bank security of Machapuchhre bank, Insurance by Everest Insurance and full refund policy by Raj Import Pvt. Ltd.

“Customer Satisfaction Our Motivation"

Why Us

  • Product direct from manufacturer/Factory
  • Invoice direct from Chinese manufacturer
  • No hidden charges/ Proof of original invoice
  • Only 1% profit charge ( 10% service charge for more than 1 product and 15% service charge for only 1 product)
  • More than 2+ crore products to choose directly from manufacturer
  • Minimum 7 days delivery
  • Full refund policy for applicable products
  • 24*7 customer chat service
  • Full Insurance on all products
  • Products ordered both for personal and business use
  • Delivery all over Nepal
  • Save all profit margin from retailer

Responsibility of Company

  • 1. After receiving goods from the alibaba.com and other major shopping sites in China, the Company must store the goods in their warehouse in preparation for shipping to Nepal.
  • 2. When the client send commerce orders , the company must arrange for transportation of goods directly to the client/customers in appropriate address in a timely manner.
  • 3. Once the packages are shipped from the warehouse, the company must update the client with tracking information where possible.
  • 4. Company is reliable for matching products with photo, shape and size as described in site.
  • 5. Company is reliable for delivering products to customer without any damaged parts or product.
  • 6. Company will return the money or refund if the products are damaged before receiving by customer.Amount will be refunded only when the manufacturer/supplier return the money in China.
  • 7. Company will provide the return policy if the supplier or manufacturer agrees to take return back of products which will be mention in the invoice.
  • 8. Company will provide insurance policy for all products in the order.

Responsibility of Client/Customer

  • 1. The client is responsible for providing address of shipping of products/packages.
  • 2. The client is responsible for full payment of products in advance.
  • 3. The client is responsible for signing of receipt only after verifying the goods as described in website.
  • 4. The client can either pick up goods from office in Kathmandu or give address to the delivery person nearest to market or main road not in area where delivery person cannot reach easily.
  • 5. The client will be responsible for paying shipping fee unto the factory in China if the return policy is available by the factory/supplier and client return products within the date of return policy.
  • 6. Client cannot deny the receiving of products if the products match with the products described in website.
  • 7. Client will not take return of products if the goods are damaged or not in original condition.
  • 8. Neither party shall be liable to the other for failure to perform its obligations under this contract if prevented from doing so because of an act of god ,fire, flood, war, civil disturbance, interference by civil, or military authority or other cause beyond their responsible control of parties.
  • 9. Client and Company agree to maintain confidentiality of information contain or related to this contract.